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SBCK Dave x Reader Ch.17
        You stared at your sister's sick air guitar skills in awe. Never before had you seen such.. beauty? You weren't too sure if that was a good enough description, but you nodded to yourself that it worked. Dipping out of there and into the kitchen, you begin to unload your Sweet Loot from its plastic confines. Two big ol' bottles of apple juice, a couple different candies, there's, like, half a donut 'cause you have no self control, two other pure and unscathed donuts, and beef jerky?? You kinda just grabbed whatever called to you. And boys like beef jerky, right? That's a fine Man Snack, right? Right?? Whatever, it's lit.So lit in fact, you gotta tell Dave. You send him a pic of all this loot. Ten minutes later, when you're stuffing your face with cereal, he replies.
"its lit"
'Course it is.
So lit in fact, ya gotta tell sis, who hasn't bothered you at all since you walked in. Probably too tired from all that shreddi
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THIS MIGHT BE IRONIC, IM NOT SURE :iconthequeensfandoms:TheQueensFandoms 1 0
Art trade by imadori-kyosuke Art trade :iconimadori-kyosuke:imadori-kyosuke 12 25 Gift - Al Makara by Krakenka Gift - Al Makara :iconkrakenka:Krakenka 2 7
Sexual Offenderman x Reader Part One
    I walked down the long, dark driveway towards my home, located in a small neighborhood surrounded by ominous trees. I lived with my adopted parents, Phil and Jenny, and though they were my “parents”, I wasn’t really attached to them in any way. Reaching the front door, I took out my keys and unlocked it, revealing bright lights and a cheery room. “Phil, Jenny, I’m home!” I yelled, and ran up the stairs to take a shower.
    Stepping out of the steamy bathroom and into my room, I closed the blinds to my huge windows, and dropped the towel that I clutched around my curvalisious body. Going to my walk-in closet, I selected a pair of baggy, gray, CWU sweats, and a black hoodie. Walking to a drawer, I pulled out a large cupped bra, to accommodate my very big boobs, and matching black underwear. Pulling on my clothes, I stepped back out into my room. It was a normal, sixteen year old room, with gray colored walls
:icondarkprinceloki:darkprinceloki 274 51
Eyeless Jack x Reader **requested**
(h/c)= Hair color
(e/c)= Eye color
(f/f)= favorite food
You yawned while looking at your computer for something entertaining to do, when you heard your mother call you downstairs for dinner. You sighed and closed your computer while pushing your (h/c) locks away from your (e/c) orbs.
"Sweetie time for dinner!"
"I know, coming!"
You yelled back while putting on your favorite (f/c) shirt and short black shorts with your bunny slippers. While changing into your clothes, you felt eyes on the back of your back. You shrugged it off and went downstairs to eat (f/f).
“Hi there sweetie.”
Smiled your father while looking up from his food that he was shoveling down like an animal. You smiled weakly at him as you sat next your mother. You were afraid of your father for many reasons and one of them is that when you were little, you saw your father yelling and screaming at your mother, and he was unaware of the fact that you were there watching him. So from that moment on, you could neve
:iconcryaotic8008135:Cryaotic8008135 34 9
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Laughing Jack x Reader Lemon!!! :iconcryaotic8008135:Cryaotic8008135 157 65
Takashiro Ren by 0Jem0 Takashiro Ren :icon0jem0:0Jem0 23 2 My pretty boys by 0Jem0 My pretty boys :icon0jem0:0Jem0 12 3 Request by imadori-kyosuke Request :iconimadori-kyosuke:imadori-kyosuke 5 68
Dave x reader: Stalked by the Cool Kid Ch.16
You weren't built for this sort of pressure! You're also pretty sure that this has never happened to you before. Staring at your laptop and Pesterchum in awe, you wonder what kind of sick game the universe thinks it is playing. There are four people pestering you. FOUR. Rose wants to know what your plans are for the day, Jade wants to know if you caught the last episode of that one show you both watch, Dave is complaining about an apple juice-less apocalypse in his apartment right now, and then there's the gem that is yOUR SISTER, goD DAMN. You quickly reply to Rose about how you're not sure of the day's plans, tell Jade that you missed the episode but WILL watch it later, and tell Dave to get up and go buy more??? Then you head to the living room. 
Your sister is sitting on the couch, and your phone is beeping with the multitude of "Hey" and "Yo kid" messages she keeps sending. You walk over to her, laying upside down on the couch, and you politely smack the phone out of her hand
:iconmojoizu:MojoIzu 48 87
Amizon by TheFunnyAmerican Amizon :iconthefunnyamerican:TheFunnyAmerican 339 145
Stalked by the Cool Kid Dave x Reader (3)
 After logging off Pesterchum later that night, you were exhausted. And you didn't even do anything! But jade's onslaught of 'Do you like this's and 'Can you do these things' left you with a headache. Hours of staring at that screen and typing non stop left you ready for bed, and it was only Ten. Your usual time for bed was around One or Two, but you craved for the sleeps, and you knew those Z's would accept you with open arms. 
You had study hall first period everyday, and it was a blessing from the gods, and you thanked them for it every time it saved your lazy little life. Turning off your computer, you jetted to the front door of your apartment, and locked it, like you should have done hours ago. Your sister would not be coming home tonight. Then, you mad-dashed to your room as you shut off all the lights behind you. As you entered your room, you popped on the AC, and turned off your light.
 You decided to do your homework tomorrow, and you jumped into your bed. Your
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Dave x Reader SBCK (15) :iconmojoizu:MojoIzu 29 51
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    Alright e-ve-ryy9ne-, I have- made- a de-cisi9n re-garding myy name-. I am changing it fr9m Alana...*shudde-r* t9 Al. Sh9rt and dange-r9us, yy9u kn9w.
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Tragedy Lupine
Artist | Hobbyist | Photography
Full Name: Al Incendia Lupine
Race: Troll
Nationality: N/A
Age: 16 human years or 7.5 solar sweeps.
Birthdate: April 23, 2000
Gender: Genderfluid
Sexuality: Bisexual
Height: 5"4
Weight: 139 pounds
>Hair color: Black
Eye Color: Sliver/grey/blue
Skin Color: Fair
>Birthplace: N/A
Current Residence: N/A
Human Relationship Status: Taken
Quadrant Status: ❤️: Taken ♦️: Taken ♠️: N/A ♣️: N/A


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